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    Jin carries the torch

    Jin, the eldest member of BTS, has been selected as the torchbearer for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. According to the Organizing Committee of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (Paris 2024), Jin will be the first torchbearer on the Louvre leg of the torch relay in downtown Paris on Sunday, July 14, and will begin his leg at the Pyramid of the Louvre at approximately 8:30 p.m....

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    What did I miss?

    Ah, let me rephrase that. I should have asked, where the hell had I been? Under a rock? Head in the sand? No, actually just out of touch. If you read my blog dated, July 10, 2024, regarding David Gilmour, then you know that I had watched his recently posted videos on YouTube. Not only that, but I've also listened to an in-depth interview with David, conducted by John Edington, focusing on Sid Barret, a long, lost soul of the first incarnation of Pink Floyd. It's a sad story, and one that I won't get into here, for I don't…

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    Fitting song for a rainy day

    Taking a break this afternoon and ran across this new release from David Gilmour (Pink Floyd). This song Between Two Points, features his daughter, Romany Gilmour. Like many songs from David and Pink Floyd, it has a haunted, melancholy feel to it. Beautiful in its simplicity. Photo courtesy of gettyimages.com The Piper’s Call (Official Music Video)Ooo, ooooo, just heard this one minutes ago. The first single off his new album, Luck and Strange, to be released in September 2024. David, you have not lost your touch!

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    I’m back…

    The last several days found me knee deep in tech mode. I found a much better hosting deal with Hostinger, and wound up saving beaucoup bucks. It was well worth the time I spent transferring all my sites to my new host. All in all, the process was painless...

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    How scientists respond to deniers

    "We never landed on the moon." "Climate change is a hoax." "Vaccines are ineffective." Our culture feels riddled with anti-science sentiment and there's no one factor to blame or easy solution to address it. How did we get here and what effect is it having on scientists and their research? Dr. Paul Sutter, one of my favorites, breaks down the societal elements in play and interviews some of his contemporaries to get a sense of where we go from here.